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Why Your Medical Practice Needs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for medical practices

Marketing department in your medical practice or medical related business plays a key role in creating and improving patient experience and retention. Still, many practitioners in the medical field have been slow to move their focus and budgets to digital marketing over traditional marketing channels such as tv, mail and billboards. Digital marketing presents opportunities for your business to stay ahead of the curve. Here are reasons why your medical business should consider investing in digital marketing.

Setting the Pace

Digital marketing imporves patient experience
The Digital Journey to Wellness:Hospital Selection, 2012 (september)

Patients increasingly look forward to be able to find and interact with healthcare providers online. As a medical practitioner, if you are not utilizing search and other online channels for the full advantage of your business, you are likely losing out on market share to competitors who have invested in digital marketing.

It is now proven that when people experience health-related issues, they first go to a resource that is designed to offer them solution: the internet. In a study conducted in 2012 by Google, it was reported that 77% of patients utilized search engine before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. The study fielded more than 500 hospital researchers and unravelled that most patients used online sources to do hospital research.

More importantly, if your business is not paying keen attention to digital marketing it’s missing out on meeting your patient/client expectations. Consequently, this causes the business to miss valuable opportunities to establish relationships and brand affinity.

In this digital age, your patients/clients are on the internet searching for ways to link up with you. Your online presence is key in impacting their relationship with your brand.

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Leverage available data for your success

Your practice needs data to understand who your clients are and how you can serve them better. Digital marketing analytics will offer you vast data for free.

  • By utilizing easily deployed survey tools or Google Remarketing, you can post direct questions to your audience about their needs and experience.
  • You can comprehend what information makes patients decide to choose you as their healthcare provider through Google Analytics.
  • You can find out demographics that best respond best to your business’ special value proposition through Google AdWords.

Traditional advertising does not offer such data. You can leverage on this opportunity offered by digital marketing to grow your practice/business.

Digital marketing offers your practice agility

As opposed to the large and costly traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns are easy to scale up. Messaging can be changed easily at any time.

A good digital marketing strategy can help you depict an increasing competition or shifts in your markets. It also enables you to get updates or new messages out to your clients within a short notice.

These are some of the main reasons why your business needs to invest in digital marketing. Look out for my next post on benefits of digital markeitng.

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Dr. Libeya Bethwel

He is a pharmacist intern at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital. He is passionate about digital marketing. He works as a digital marketer and consultant for several businesses and organizations such as  Kingdom Charge, The Medical Hub, Hub Medical Supplies  and several others.


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