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Why You Should Consider a Nurse for a Life Partner

Why you should find  a nurse for a life partner

When Mike started his residency at the University of Nairobi-Kenyatta National Hospital, the least of things he expected to find was the love of his life. The focus of this young ambitious doctor was on perfecting his knowledge and skills in his specialty. It was barely 6 months since he broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years.

But Mike did find something that November. Luckily, his now-wife was working at the same unit as a surgical ward nurse. Their professional days were spent interacting in the process of helping patients in the theatre.

“My wife is an astute, creative and caring registered nurse,” Mike says, “just the type of person you want to have in your life.”

One of the roles of nurses is to ensure patients are comfortable and are cared for. Therefore, it follows that they would also make exceptional spouses.

Below are reasons why Mike thinks  you should consider a nurse for a partner if you are looking for one.

  1. A nurse is Compassionately caring

The core of nursing profession is providing care to others. Of course, this is reason number one why nurses make excellent partners. Compassionate care naturally flows to the people they love.

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  1. A nurse is exceedingly Patient

On a daily basis, nurses come in contact with people of different personalities. Often times, they handle emotionally unstable and severely anxious people.

  1. A nurse knows when to worry

On their daily routine in the place of work, nurses come in contact with a lot of medical cases. They know when to worry about your safety and health. From experience of handling various cases of illnesses and accidents at work place, they know the right time to get worried.

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  1. A nurse gets you through tough times

Nurses are skilled in talking to a worried patient who has been scheduled for surgery. When your partner is a nurse, the same talent and skill will help you get through tough seasons of your life. A nurse has a unique ability to cool off strained patients by conversing with them. You will discover that a simple talk with your nurse partner make your troubles feel lighter.

  1. A nurse puts health on top priority

Do you want free lifetime medical advice? Then find a nurse for a partner. Having a nurse as a partner will save you the burden of waiting in queue at clinics just to settle your confusion about the health of your family.

Your partner will also ensure that you get prompt medical attention when something is amiss with you.

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  1. A nurse is a great team player

Nurses acknowledge the importance of assisting each other in the work place. They are accustomed to working as a team as a way of making their workload lighter. Courtesy of this, they are known to be excellent team players in an intimate relationship. A relationship is marvelous when the two involved parties help each other, isn’t it so?

  1. A nurse has good listening skills

Nurses have a natural inclination to being sensitive and empathetic when listening to others. When you want to talk to a person about a problem, a nurse may not be the best person to give solutions but you will definitely feel less alone. A part of a nurse’s training is to communicate therapeutically and they are really good at doing that.



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