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Ways to Track Your Lost Phone In Kenya

Ways to track your lost phone in kenya

It is frustrating to lose a phone. Cases of smartphone theft have been on the increase, especially in congested towns and cities where security is becoming a challenge. Either you or someone close to you has lost a phone at one point or the other and tracking the lost phone wasn’t as easy as you expected.

The first thing a thief does after stealing a phone is to try to wipe out any possible trace-routes by switching off the phone, destroying the simcard and then flashing the phone. Nonetheless, It is still possible to retreive your lost phone in future in case it gets lost. In this article, ways that you can use to track your phone have been shared.

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1. Use IMEI number

IMEI number is a fifteen digit International Mobile Equipment Identity that is unique to each phone. Many people prefer tracking this number as an easy way to recover their stolen or lost phone.

The advantage of this method is that even when the thief tampers with the simcard, they cannot change the IMEI number of the phone.

For you to use this service, your phone location service must be active and have internet access.

Here is how you can locate your phone using IMEI number;

  • Get to the device setting and enable location services
  • Enable internet access on wifi or mobile data
  • Follow guidelines on accessing Google device control panel where you can call the phone, wipe it, or even lock it.

Once you are logged in, access your device using IMEI. The page will show a map indicating the location of the phone. At this point, make a wise decision of locking, erasing or wiping your device depending on probabilty and security of retrieving it.

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2. Tracking your phone number location

Locating your phone by number is becoming more popular than using IMEI number.

The method has an advantage of reliably delivering instant results on the phone GPS and IMEI.

Apps such as GPS phone and Locate My Phone come in handy when using this method. They make it possible to track down the phone without the thief’s consent, covering any holes of suspicion that may alert them.

3. Phone in-built solutions

Some phones come with in-built security features that help that help owners find their lost phone, or secure their information once their phone is lost or stolen.

Some devices do have platforms for cell tracking that come with provisional wiping and lockig options.

What if the phone is switched off?

It is difficult to track stolen phones which have been switched off. However, recent technology has made it possible to do so. Technology has availed opportunities to spy on stolen or lost phones, making it possible to track and locate a lost or stolen cell phone that is switched off.

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4. Theft precautionary measures

These are third-party solutions that help you take precautions against theft of phone.

  • Android device manager

This is a service that is almost similar to Find My Phone, discussed below.

The service is easy to use and expressly describes how to locate a lost tablet and phone using responsive buttons.

As an android phone user, you are expected to download and install android device manager on your device for security reasons. Since not everybody may remember to download and install the service, Google went an extra mile to design Find My Phone, which is more convenient for users.

  • Find my phone

This is a feature  released by Google to assist their clients stay safe and theft free.

The release of this product followed that of another feature: My Account service. My Account service gives Google users an opportunity to access all their information from a central point. The design of Find My Phone was specifically suited to help users recover their lost phones by use of google metrics.

If your phone is stolen, Find My Phone will give you the option of calling the device, wiping it or even locking it.

These are some of the solutions that you may employ to recover a lost or stolen phone. In addition to these, Google play store offers you a variety of anti-theft apps that you can use to track your lost or stolen phone. Familiarizing yourself with adequate knowledge on how to track and recover a stolen or lost android phone before hand is important.

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