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On Top of Your Value, Add Visibility

No doubt, your quest to be valuable will yield fruits, if it is not yielding already.

But are you visible and presenting your value to the right audience?

People strive to be valuable for many different reasons – one of them is to increase their relevance and net worth.

Nonetheless, many valuable people are yet to figure out how to make their value-ness visible and available to the right audience.

You see, your value may not have as much impact as it should if you do not present it to the right audience. And this can only happen if you are visible.

You can make yourself visible either through physical or virtual means.

Physically, you can be visible by expressing what you know whenever you get an opportunity to do so at your workplace, professional conferences, etc.

You can do this by asking relevant questions whenever opportunities present, giving keynote speeches, etc.

Among the greatest gifts that technology has handed over to professionals in this generation is the leverage of using social media to increase their visibility.

I don’t know how you are using your social media handles but they are powerful tools that can boost your visibility when deployed correctly.

LinkedIn and Twitter are considered to be top in the list of social media sites where you can make your professional brand visible.

You can begin by opening and optimizing your social media accounts to fit your professional profile.

Then share content to communicate what you are doing or what you know.

As you do so, please note that posting is different from communication.

Posting is simply dumping information on your social media timelines with the hope that it will get to your targeted audience.

Communicating, on the other hand, is sharing information with a specific audience in mind.

The information is shared in such a manner as to make the audience feel as though they are conversing with the one sharing the information.

Are you ready to begin your journey of being visible?

Take a step and shape your future.

All the best!

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Kimeli Dorcas Jepkeitany


Kimeli Dorcas Jepkeitany

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