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Understanding the Cancer-Causing Chemical NMDA


Lately, several drugs have been recalled and others are being investigated as potential carcinogens curtesy of N-Nitrosodimethylamine, commonly acronymitized as NMDA. The latest to be affected is Metformin, a common medicine used by diabetes patients. This article sheds light on what really is NMDA.

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NMDA is a by product of various industrial processes that include use of pesticide, chlorine use and production of rocket fuel.

Some enzymes and DNA in the body are very sensitive to NMDA toxicity which may lead to mutations that ultimately cause cancer.

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In terms of its biodegradability, NMDA does not easily get eliminated from our bodies or the environment. It is found commonly in smoked or cured meats, fish and beer as well as tobacco smoke.

Studies on animals have linked the chemical to kidney, colorectal, and stomach cancers. Nonetheless, studies suggest that the chemical does not cause cancer directly in humans, but in large amounts it raises the risk of cancer.

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No human cases of cancer have been recorded. The WHO considers it a ‘probable human carcinogen..’


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