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Top Unique and Pocket Friendly Gifts for Your Boyfriend or Husband

 top pocket friendly gifts

Buying gifts for men is an arduous task. Often, ladies spend much more than they should on gifts that just don’t hit the mark. Being a love month, you can boost your creativity of gift selection while operating on a tight personal budget by considering the list of gifts below. These are some of the top pocket friendly gifts that you may consider to buy your boyfriend or husband on valentines day.

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1. Shaving Gift Basket

Shaving basket kit

Have you ever heard your husband or boyfriend complain how uncomfortable shaving can be?

Cheap or inadequate shaving cause many ingrown hairs and nicks. By putting together an epicurian shaving kit with a homemade shaving cream and aftershave, a nice razor blade and shaving brush you will be able to meet this need.

Here is how you can prepare the homemade shaving cream;

  • Melt 2/3 cup of coconut oil and shear butter together
  • Combine this mixture with 1/4 cup of grapeseed oil
  • Then add 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil. For a masculine smell, try sandalwood or oakmoss.
  • Squeeze out the contents of two vitamin E capsules. Then whip until its thick and foamy (you can use a whisk or eggbeater for this task).
  • Keep the shaving cream in a dark place for up to a month.

To make a homemade aftershave;

  • Combine equal parts of clear rum and witch hazel. These are natural astringents.
  • Put the aftershave in a glass bottle then add some clove or tangerine peel to give an extra polished look.
2. Work surival kit

work survival kit

It is inevitable to avoid some rough patches at work. Make things a little tranquil for him with a ‘work survival kit’.You could consider including the following into the kit:

  • Love notes and little jokes
  • Crosswords, sudoku or puzzles
  • Pictures of his family, friends and pets
  • His favourite snacks
  • Ornamental office supplies

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3. Grill Master Kit

Grill master kit

Is your man a lover of the grill? If you want to touch his soft spot, prepare some homemade barbecue sauce and dry rubs then  package them in a ‘grilling kit’.

This is a similar idea to the shaving kit, but the ingredients are cheaper. You can find the skewers and other grilling accessories at your nearby store.

You can go an extra-mile of getting a cheap apron as well then embroider his name on it.

Package the items with a ribbon and set them inside the grill with the lid opened.

4. Surprise Sports Party

sports party

Does your husband always seem to want to invite his friends over for a game? If so, gift him a surprise sports party.

You may consider contacting his friends before a big game, and plan for the necessary snacks and refreshments.

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5. Gift Basket

gift basket

If most of these ideas appear to be incoherent with your man, why not try making your own number one a gift basket?

Fill a chest or ice bucket with his favourite meal, a video game or movie he’s been eyeing. Then take a day out with your girlfriends and leave him to enoy his new toys.


The man in your life is aware of your financial situation. He isn’t expecting you to surprise him with a ticket to Mars aboard Elon Musk’s space bus. A litle thoughtfulness goes a long way without causing injury to your wallet. Budget for your gift in advance. Also remember that every day present an opportunity for you to show you care, not just on valentines.


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