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Signs You Are Cut Out for Entrepreneurship

Cut out for entrepreneurship
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Not everybody is cut out for entrepreneurship or business. Starting a new venture comes with its own share of stress that needs stamina to withstand.

No successful entrepreneur misses to mention in their story that their success came from sweat, blood and tears, and maybe even a little luck. No formal training or education can prepare you for driving the success of a new business or venture.

So, how do you know you are fit for it? Here are signs that you are cut out for entrepreneurship.

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You Can Take Risk

The major reason why many people remain stuck to a safe, consistent job is because they are sure of a monthly income. Perhaps, they can’t risk the possibility of failure because of family and financial commitments, or they are attached to the comfort of knowing that they have a consistent paycheck every end of month.

Entrepreneurs are always ready to take the risk. They see it as a challenge and perhaps have a plan B in place should things not go as planned. They handle risk well and don’t  let it dissuade them from their goals.

You strongly believe in your idea

You can easily accept risk when you are strongly convinced about your idea.

Confidence isn’t learned. Everybody is born confident. Circumstances in life and how we handle them either builds or destroys confidence.

Entrepreneurs display confidence both in their idea and in their abilities to launch the idea into a successful venture. This confidence greatly boosts their ability to handle risk and problems that come along as they deal with challenges during the unstable startup phase.

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You face a problem with solution in mind

Regardless of how confident you are in your idea, expect hurdles and challenges to come along your way. These will test your patience.

Approaching these hurdles with an attitude that you can find a solution depicts that you have the right entrepreneurial spirit to make it work.

The way entrepreneurs approach problems is different from how the rest of the world does. They always approach a problem with this question in mind: What is a good solution to this problem? This is the reason why coders and web designers make such great entrepreneurs.

Your ideas don’t fit into a regular 9-5 Job

Employees with ideas are loved by most corporations, but sometimes they go unappreciated.

If you are an entrepreneur, sometimes your ideas won’t fit with the status quo in your organization. It could be a great idea, but will be crippled by certain rules and regutions that are in most regular 9-5 jobs.

Long-term organizations rarely deviate from their routine workflow. This is a stumbling block to any ideas you have to make a change in the way the organization operates.

You may consider taking your idea and turning it into your own venture. If this is something you have given a thought about, you could have the right entrepreneural attitude to make a change for the better.

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You are good in sales

At the very beginning of the venture, you are likely to be the only one in your startup. Partnering with someone else is considered a luxury. Most entrepreneurs start off with just their own idea and salesmanship.

A right salesmanship is a leverage in selling your idea to investors, customers, and anyone else who can help advance your ideas. If you don’t have the ability to sell your idea, you can partner with someone who brings this skill to the venture. This is usually at the cost of equity.

You are persistent

In entrepreneurship, the startup phase is the most difficult phase. Most entrepreneurs will tell you how they struggled during this phase.

Some challenges that may present are difficult to handle, but they fade after a few bumps on the road. The persistence of an entrepreneurs is key for them to overcome some of the challenges.

This persistence can sometimes be taken as stubbornness, but in a good way.

You are dissatisfied with the status quo

Most entrepreneurs are not happy with the status quo. They always want to make things better by implementing their own ideas and inventions.

Entrepreneurs are good at finding ways to improve process and workflow in every part of their lives. This can be by use of technology or other industries.

If you see ways through which things can change for the better and you have the drive to fix it, you have an entrepreneural spirit.

You spot opportunity everywhere

‘Seeing the world as a glass that’s half full’ is the mentality of most entrepreneurs. Apart from being positive minded, entrepreneurs also see opportunity everywhere. This is what turns them into strong business owners that build a startup from a one man idea into a strong organization with several employees.

You are always competitive

It is difficult to separate entrepreneurs from competition.

Confidence, persistence and ideas help entrepreneurs generate a competitive venture. Most of the entrepreneurs have known competition since childhood. The competitiveness gives them motivation to soldier on through the tough times in the startup phase.

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