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Setting the Pace

Setting the pace

One of the phenomenal things that make campus life remarkable is campus politics. To some, it is a platform of ascendancy to national politics while to others, it is regarded is a catalyst that works to ensure students spend more time in school than anticipated. In this article, we pay a keen focus on one Ginaro Felix,  a fourth year public health student at Moi University, who is setting the pace in politics.

What’s your current position?  How long have you been in this position?  Can you give me a brief overview of what it is you do in your work?

Currently, I serve as the Moi University Students Organization (MUSO) CHS Chair and MUSO delegate, a position I have been holding for the last 10 months. I also serve as the national youth chair of UUP(United Universal Party of Kenya) party, a new party registered in Kenya recently.

As a MUSO leader. I represent student needs and advocate for their rights, Basically, leading students.

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What would you say most motivates you to do what you do? What are you most excited or passionate about? What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your work?

My biggest motivation into leadership is the passion and desire I have to touch people’s lives. To impact people positively. I desire to see people’s lives changed and be a part of their story.

I’m passionate about equal economic opportunities for all. I would like to see a world where the less fortunate live a life they would like to live and not one that has been forced on them by circumstances. I’m thrilled seeing people measure their worth by how they have impacted other people’s lives and not how much they have or own.

Among the many goals that I most want to accomplish in my work is seeing the people I impact being of impact to others.

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Please tell me how and why you ended up here as a student leader in Moi University. What led you to this position? What were you doing before you came here? What attracted you to join politics?

Well, from the time I joined campus, it was clear to me that leadership is a field that is wired in me. I was a leader before then in different organizations such as being a student leader of KESHA Migori county while in high school. This gave me an impetus to seek ways of serving others just as I had done before. This opened me to opportunities of serving as a class representative and also Public Health students leader before joining MUSO.

What attracted me to join politics…? I simply love politics. I’m of the belief that the ultimate test of real leadership is founded on politics. I believe practicing good politics is an ingredient for positive social transformation.

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Now, if we can, I’d like to go way back for a little while. Where did you grow up? What was it like to grow up in Kakamega county? Which high school did you go to?

I was born in Kakamega County, Khwisero Sub-County, Eshibinga Sub Location in Emaruku village on April 15th 1996. My mum narrates that my birth came with no complications. She says she was feeling like visiting the ladies to relieve herself only to realise that she was in ‘labor’. She had to come out of the let room quickly and there I was born on the way between the pit latrine and the house.

I miss my childhood so much. We didn’t have everything but we had all that we needed to survive and we were happy. My mother was a primary school teacher and dad was a businessman, which he became after quiting a low-paying job that he got immediately he graduated from Moi University.

I schooled in several public primary schools before finishing my primary education in Glorious Academy and later on proceeded to Kanga High School for my secondary education. My primary education offered me an opportunity to experience what going to school barefoot feels like, and also what it meant to learn inside a cow-dung smeared classrooms. Kanga High School being a national school gave me exposure and shaped me greatly to be a person that I am today.

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Did you have any Key Mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are? Tell me about them.

My dad is my greatest mentor. Having beaten all the odds to become the person he is today motivates me to believe that there is more we can achieve irrespective of where we come from. My mum has also inspired me in no small way. Her kind and forgiving heart has shaped me to be the person that I am today.

Did you have any life-changing experience that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you are doing today?

While in leadership, I have had the opportunity to see what people go through. I have listened to life stories that have touched me so much to the extent of shedding tears. I’ve built a conviction within me that the only way I can love myself is by becoming a part of the solution to problems affecting our society.

What are the lessons for someone like me, or for a junior colleague, who might be contemplating of joining student leadership/politics?

Student leadership is a great learning experience. It presents itself with a lot of challenges that eventually prove to be the best thing that happen to us. It teaches resilience. It teaches tolerance and opens your mind to greater realms of thinking. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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If you could do this all over again, would you do anything differently? Why, and what would you do?

Yes, I would.

As much as I may feel accomplished as a person, there is so much that I would have done. I have had my share of mistakes and if given another chance, I would do more. Having promoted other forms of social interactions before, I would promote religious interaction through having annual mega interreligious university services to further promote cohension.

What have you learnt from the people you are working with in student leadership?

I have learnt many things. I’ll just list a few; the importance of being smart as a leader and allowing your brain to go before your emotions, the power behind loyalty, the power of true friendship among many others.

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Do you view your contributions as successful? In what ways? What specifically was accomplished?

Yes I do.

Apart from organizing the first university class representatives modest retreat and training, I have also fought for needy students to be offered accomodation by the university instead of renting houses out of school, which is way expensive.

What were the skills you had to have to be in the position that you currently hold? Where and how did you learn those skills?

Good communication and problem solving skills come on top of the list. From childhood, I have always strived to speak to group and crowd of people. I have learnt a lot from Barrack Obama and  history makers such as Martin Luther King.

What’s next for you in politics? What are you looking forward to?

I look forward to being more active in national politics in 2022. By God’s grace I’ll be a Member of Parliament in 2027 and again at God’s stipulated time become a senator, governor and eventually a political kingpin. The most important thing currently is that I’m the national chair of the youth league for the United Universal Party of Kenya. I’m focused on building my young political muscles. What happens tomorrow is in God’s hands.

Parting shot: We should never cry or regret over the disappoitment of people who betray us, or hurt us irrespective of how much time and other resources we spend on them. What we receive in return should be none of our concern.

The Medical Hub wishes Mr. Ginaro all the best as he continues setting the pace in student politics and later on in national politics.


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Kamau Ndichu


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He was my school president in high school, i know God won’t let his ambitious character down. Go baba

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We bless God

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