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Prof. K.Thairu: A Super Trailblazer

Prof. K. Thairu

He is known as one of the best brains the profession of medicine has ever had. He stands out as a father to many in the profession. Many have drunk from his huge fountain of medical knowledge. He has had an illustrous and outstanding career life that has greatly impacted people both within and without the medical fraternity. His name is Prof. K. Thairu.

A look at his CV reveals the magnitude of impact that his contributions have had to the medical fraternity and society at large. Currently, he is a professor lecturing medical physiology at the University of Nairobi. As we celebrate him, The Medical Hub takes a look at a few things you didn’t know about Prof.

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  • He learnt basic arithmetic and english before he even started formal schooling.

As a young boy, he would plead to be taken to school. The school administration turned down his plea on the basis that he was too young. This forced him to spend much time with his father taking care of livestock, since he was the last born. It was during this time that his father taught him basic arithmetic and english.

Being a fast-learner, he quickly grasped the concepts. By the time he was joining school, he had mastered the entire mathematical table. In school, he found the curriculum to be a big joke.

  • He loves drawing

Being proficient with both hands, he picked up drawing as as hobby in his formative years of schooling. He still draws to date.

  • He swore to become a professor when he was two weeks old in school

After joining school, he was greatly distressed by the curriculum. This made him to seek to know the highest academic ranking in Kenya. He was told it’s being a professor and he swore to become one.

This dream came to pass in 1976, at age 33, when he was declared a professor upon recommendation by Common Wealth Inter-University council (London).

  • He was at the forefront of anti-racism campaigns

While growing up and schooling, he experienced racism.

“Africans were often referred to as stupid and backwards. I would jot down every abusive thing said against Africans and use it as motivator to work hard and prove them wrong,” Prof. recollects in an interview he did in 2016 with Parents Magazine.

The racist comments later on helped him author a book The African Civilization that was published in 1978 to help liberate the african mind.

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  • Together with other like minded scholars, he joined hands to establish Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology. The institute offers skills to the youth in manufacturing local products.
  • He helped to establish Kenya Medical Research Institue (KEMRI)  to a medical research facility, and a center of excellence in the developing world.
  • He was elected as dean, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus at age 33. This made him to be the youngest dean to be elected at the time.
  • During his time as a dean, he was a member of the Human Biology Curriculum Panel in the Ministry of Education for three years. He helped develop the biology curriculum studied in secondary schools, which is still taught to date.
  • During the same time, Prof. went on to be in charge of the development of new curricula of international standards for pharmacy, dentistry and nursing courses at the University of Nairobi.

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These are just a few of the things that he has achieved.

Sir, you are an inspiration to many. You inspire many medical professionals, both young and old. The Medical Hub recognizes and celebrates you as a father of the medical profession in this country.

Source of Information: Parents Africa

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[…] Prof. K.Thairu: A Super Trailblazer […]

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[…] Prof. K.Thairu: A Super Trailblazer […]

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