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In my previous article, I did a review on causes of procrastination as outlined by Jane B. Burka, PhD and Lenora M. Yuen, PhD in their book “Procrastination”. This is a follow-up article on managing procrastination.


1. Identify a behavioral and goal

Instead of deciding that you will no longer procrastinate, you need to identify that which you have been postponing and act. Set aside a time frame in which you want it done. That way, your decision and action are more specific and measurable.

2. Break your goal into small and specific mini-goals

It is easier to achieve many small tasks compared to a one big task. Breaking down your goals into small mini-goals serves as a motivation as you accomplish one task after another as opposed to when you’re halfway a bigger task.

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3. Be realistic with your time

Operate within the time you have even if you need more time. It is better to start a task within the few minutes you got rather than wishing for a longer time whose availability can never be guaranteed. So, just get started anyway.

4. Expect obstacles and setbacks

It is easier to give up as soon as you meet the first obstacle if you didn’t expect it. Challenges are always there; they will be there. Don’t just expect them, expect them to come your way and more importantly, prepare to walk past them.

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5. Be ready to delegate

If and when what you’re dealing with has a window for delegation, don’t always insist on using the locked door when the window is a better exit.

6. Protect your time

You can’t help everyone. Learn to say no and never take any unnecessary projects.

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7. Watch your excuses

You will always have an excuse to procrastinate. Instead of using that excuse to procrastinate, use to do something no matter how small that is.

8. Reward your progress along the way

Focus on effort, not the outcome. Outcome is good. I personally love good outcomes. However, sometimes we focus so much on the outcome we forget the amount of effort we pumped into a project. In order to deal with procrastination, it is important for you to reward yourself throughout the entire process.

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9. Use your procrastination as a signal

Once you realize you are procrastinating again, don’t start to hate on yourself. Instead, use it as a signal to start working on managing your procrastination. Why are you doing it? How do you feel about it and what can you learn from it?

In conclusion, always remember you have a choice and you can choose to delay or you can act.

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Procrastination is a serial killer😫

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