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Fact Check: Have a Plan Out

Dear Medic,

You spent 7+ years at the University

1+ Year (s) in your internship

Sacrificed most parts of your life,

including learning how the streets work,

To focus on your studies.

Now you are a licensed medic,

with scarce GOOD opportunities staring at you.


You’ve got bills to pay.

You’ve got dreams to chase.

And a good life to live.

Black Tax is knocking at your door.

But your monthly salary isn’t able to sustain all this.

What then should you do?

Continue complaining and hoping things will be better?


Go back for post-grad. and hope to secure a better job?


Wallow in alcohol to forget your misery?

Bad idea.

Work out a plan to secure a better-paying job?

Sounds like a good plan.


Here is how you can move out of your misery:

  1. If you are clinically oriented,

Be extremely good at your craft.

Then go for the few GOOD opportunities in clinical practice.

It’s difficult to be ignored if you are excellent at your craft.


2. If you are not clinically oriented,

Enrol for a non-clinical post-grad. program that will compliment your undergrad.

Scout for scholarships.

Plenty of them out there.

Some programs have online/part-time options.

Then, be excellent at networking and selling your brand.


3. If you don’t mind shipping out,

Get your papers ready.

Your craft is in high demand out there,

where you will be remunerated handsomely.


All the best as you set the ball rolling.

Always remember,

no matter how dark the night is, the morning will always come.

Giving up is not an option,

for your morning is definitely coming.

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