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I learnt to be loyal when I was disloyal the most. I was contemplating resignation. I didn’t care about the consequences. After all, I had no value for the committee, or the people we led. Rather, people we served.

But, what is loyalty? What makes you loyal? What keeps you loyal? How do you know you are loyal? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ll tell you about me.

Loyalty is more than a commitment. It is more than valuing. It is beyond taking a bullet (if at all you’d do that. Am not saying I wouldn’t. Neither am I saying I would).

What makes you loyal?

Valuing what you are doing gives you a sense of loyalty to the cause. Valuing what others do gives you a sense of loyalty to the team. Valuing the outcome gives you inexpressible satisfaction that would make you forever loyal to your subordinates!

How do you know if you are loyal?

Haha! What a question. If you know you know! You know you are loyal when you feel compassionate. When you care. When everything means something to you. When details matter. Until everyone’s success is all you care about; you are not yet there!

What keeps you loyal?

If you want to remain loyal; never murmur. Do not lie. Avoid excuses. Pay attention to details. And of course, the golden rule; do what is agreed upon.

How do you know you’re not loyal?

First, you stop paying attention. You stop caring. Or so, you’ll tend to think. “I don’t know.” “I don’t care” “does it matter” begin to dominate your speech, responses, tact, thought ad belief. Sooner than later, you begin to murmur. Rebellion! Is a better word for murmuring? You’ll always have a “better” alternative. Your supply for excuses will never run low. You begin to thrive in defiance. Why? Because your brain is all clouded.

At this point; all you’re left with is to realize you aren’t any brighter. You are just but an average rebel. Well, it took me several months of disloyalty to realize I could be loyal. More so, the most loyal.

Of course, am glad I now know the importance of loyalty which I’d be glad to share soon enough. Till then, stay put.

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