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Leave No Medic Behind

Leave no medic behind
A photo of Chadwink Ochieng, a level 6 medical student at the University of Nairobi. He is serving as the AMSUN treasure for the academic year 2019/2020
Word from the AMSUN treasurer on the ‘Leave No Medic Behind Program’ and a testimonial from one of the beneficiary.

As we begin a new chapter in the AMSUN leadership,  we are starting off with a great task ahead of us:- that of inspiring hope, of sacrificial leadership and affirmative action. We have demonstrated in the past , that together we can achieve more. Last year we galvanized every arsenal in our armaments and stood with our own in the leave no medic behind.

There lies an even greater call this year to look out for the needs around us and meet them. We can’t sit on our laurels while our classmates go hungry, we can’t relax while our friends go through the wear and hustle of looking for their own fees, supporting multiple siblings on the backdrop of an extremely demanding school work. Let us arise and revamp the leave no medic behind program. You and I can put a smile on the face of a fellow comrade.

As the AMSUN Treasury committee, we are committed to do our best in mitigating the challenges faced by our colleagues. I congratulate Dorine, who passed her end of first year exams despite all odds against her, thanks to the leave no medic behind program. We can do more for our colleagues.  A wise man once said,team work makes the dream work.

Chadwink Ochieng’



My name is Dorine Odenyo, a second year medical student at the University of Nairobi Persuing a Bachelor’s in medicine and surgery. It was a dream that came true to get admitted in the university to study medicine but it came with mixed emotions immediately when my sponsor was diagnosed with leukemia.My frustrations ramped up the moment he withdrew his financial support due to increased medical bills and undue logistics.

Despite all these ups and down, I didn’t give up on my education, I kept on running from office to office seeking for help amidst attending classes. Rejection after rejection, the peak of my frustration was being kicked out of lectures and laboratory practicals. There were a lot of constant threats by the finance department of discontinuation unless I clear up the fee balance.The home front was a no go zone with my dad being a retired primary teacher and my mum a housewife. I felt a lone until my colleagues got wind of it just at the knick of time. I was  overwhelmed at how my  fellow colleagues quickly donated for me and before I could know it, I was  handed the fee balance (Ksh190,000).

Uncertainly still looms as I begin my 2nd year although I know God will make a way. I am thankful to  ” leave no medic behind campaign”.Its because of them that I am still here. Almighty God will reward them in his own way.As for me am eternally grateful.


Dorine Odenyo 2nd Year Medic

As the Medical Hub, we ask you to support Dorine and the ‘Leave No Medic Behind Campain’ in whatever capacity that you can. You can reach out to the AMSUN treasurer via 0706790934. Thank you.

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