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Medicine and Entertainment


Medicine and entertainment
A photo of Micheni Mike

Indeed, no man is limited.

When you get a glimpse of the life of Micheni Mike, you will realize that ‘no man is limited’ is not just a good cliche that you will bump onto in the streets. He literally lives it.

Micheni Mike is a medical student who decided not to limit his abilities to the lecture theatres of medical school. He has his wings spread in the entertainment industry, something rare among medics.

As a sixth-year medical student, he has managed to register his authority as a corporate MC, having successfully added a number of high-profile events to the list of his portfolio. In this article, we interview him to find out how he has managed to carve a niche for himself in a perceived highly competitive industry of entertainment.

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How Did It All Start?

I started out with doing Spoken Word then later moved into emceeing as a whole. I actually remember the very first ‘spoken word’ I did (which really was more of a poem) when I was about 12 years old. On a lazy afternoon, I sat down with a dictionary and got all the words that rhymed with Mike, and boom!

“My name is Mike,

I like my bike,

One day I fell in the lake and got pierced by a pike,

I like Nike,

And you will hike,

I’m a spike,

I do crazy things until I make you say” Yikes!”

Though childish and really simple, that’s where it started.

I started making more mature poems and Spoken Words just after high school.

As for emceeing, being the extrovert that I am, I’ve always been comfortable with speaking before an audience and having the microphone in my hand… That said, I remember emceeing events from as far back as when I was 13, and it’s been going on since then!

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What Inspired You to Pursue Your Talent?

It brings me such joy to make people happy and laugh. At whichever event I emcee, I make it my responsibility to make sure that everyone has a great time!

Of course, one has to be careful that they don’t become the center of attention and thereby distract the audience from the main point of the event, so that’s where wisdom comes in! hehe…

How Do You Balance Your Studies and Talent?

Haha! It’s tricky because some events are usually in the course of the week, even in the evenings when I have classes the following day. That said, it’s all about time management, which is something I’m constantly refining and becoming better at.

There’s a time for everything, you know!

A time to be home preparing for a corporate event, and a time to be in the library preparing for a life-saving event.

Moreover, wisdom is also knowing which events to say “Let’s do this!” to, and which ones to say, “I’m sorry; but I’m unable to commit to this.”

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Who is Your Greatest Inspiration?

At the risk of sounding a bit cliché, I’d have to say, my mother! She has, according to me, best exemplified hard work, passion, and a love for people through her strict work ethic. She loves what she does and does what she loves, and it’s evident in the success she has reaped everywhere that she has worked.

What Role Did Your Parents Play in Growing Your Talent?

Most definitely!

I believe nature and nurture both play a very critical role in the development of a child. That said, from a young age, my Dad and Mum formed and affirmed confidence in my brother and me, to the point where they would insist that we always made our points clear and in an articulate manner without the need for tears and/or tantrums. Lovingly, they would always listen, even when we disagreed with them.

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How Was Your First Break-Through Like?

Haha… Good question!

The thing is, I really enjoy emceeing and can even do it for free for the rest of my life!

That said, the first time I was asked how much I would charge for an event (it was a graduation party for a doctor friend of mine), I wound up seriously under-charging her!

It wasn’t until days later when I asked my emceeing mentor for the market rate of graduation parties and he laughed at how foolish I had been, then later pointed me in the right direction!

I later called that doctor’s friend and apologized for the misunderstanding and asked her to consider revising the price.

She was such a wonderful and understanding soul and even ended up giving me even more than I had asked for! Massive shout-out to Dr. Maryanne!

I won’t say how much I earned, but let’s just say that I can never do an event for less than double what I made that day. Hehe!

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A Word to A Medical Student Aspiring to Follow in Your Steps?

I’d tell them to follow their dream by all means! I always say “Kama tu sio dhambi, fanya kabisa! (As long as it isn’t sinning, do it!)” We are not on earth for a very long time, so we must live a life worth living.

Nevertheless, wisdom calls for us to strike a balance with our time. There is no shame in declining to involve yourself in an event or a business meeting because you have exams or are studying… Know yourself, know your limits, and know when to say, “I’m sorry. I am unable to commit to doing that.”

Take note that that could also mean committing to pursue your side hustle at a later time in your life; not necessarily now during your time in school.

Bottom line: know yourself, know your limits, and be wise.

What is Your Favorite Car Model?

The Jeep Fortuner.

I hope I’ll be Fortunate enough to own it sometime in the future!! Its comfort, its sleek exterior, its leather interior… I can’t wait to get stuck in traffic in that car, just so I can spend more time inside it! haha

If you are searching for a corporate MC for your event, contact MMM and he shall surely deliver.


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