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Building a Good Business Reputation

Reputation is not purchased, but it is earned. Creating a good reputation will cost you time and effort. It can also be lost in an instant if not well handled. Nonetheless, there are a number of things you can do to help your business not only to build, but also to maintain a good reputation. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Let your actions and words be on the same page

Whenever you give a promise, do your best to fulfill them. This may sound obvious but take a pause and think about this. How many times did you have a vendor promise he’d call you back, or an assistant say he’ll pick something up, but they didn’t?

In these cases, they lose credibility because you have to follow up yourself. Now, think of another moment when someone said they’d do something and actually delivered as promised. When a person has this habit, they stand out as dependable and reliable. You would trust them completely. It won’t be hard for you to give someone like that a strong recommendation. Do your best to be that person.

2. Do your best to Make others Look Good

Everyone, at one point or the other have been thrown under the bus at least once. And it is never fun. It’s a noble idea to figure out ways to make others look and feel good. For instance, if a friend refers you to a certain company for job or as a client, ensure as a thank you, you manage to make them look great somehow.

3. Help Other People Reach Their Own Goals

It is fulfilling to be a ladder that someone uses to reach their goals. Your reputation transcends caring for yourself and your own interests. Develop a mindset of helping others. Should a friend’s child be in college  and interested in learning about the business world, offer to talk to them for a while, answer their questions and give tips.

Should you know an individual in marketing and get to know that they are looking for a deal, see if you can help them by making a good introduction.


4. Always Do a Little Bit Beyond What’s Expected/Requested

If someone approaches you and asks for a referrence, give them three. Should you say you will follow up in 24 hours, do it in 12 hours. Send hand-written thank you notes and things like that. A small gesture that shows you care can go a long way and do wonders for your reputation.

5. Present Yourself the Way You Want to Be Seen

First impression is often overlooked and undervalued, but a very important facet of your reputation. Dress for the environment you’ll be in. You will be judged before opening your mouth, whether you like it or not. If you are not sure of the dress code, err on being too dressy. Avod being excessively casual.

Ensure your clothes fit well, and that they are clean, unwrinkled and modern. Being well-groomed is important. Make sure your accessories or makeup aren’t too distracting.

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6. Be consistent

Failing to remain consistent is one of the hallmarks of inauthenticity. This will never lead to a good reputation. Express your positive qualities to every single person you meet- even when you are in a bad day. People have a tendency of expressing negative experiences a lot more readily than they do positive ones- and this sort of thing spreads quickly.

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