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Blending Medicine and Governance: Prof. George Magoha

Prof. George Magohi: Blending Medicine and governance

Today, in the corridor of champions we recognize and celebrate one legend who has left trails of transformation wherever place he has passed through. He has been and continuous to be an embodiment of possibility of blending medicine and governance in high governmental positions. Despite having a tight schedule as a cabinet secretary, he still finds time to attend to his students who he lectures at the University of Nairobi, school of medicine.

 ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’-Isaac Newton

He is well known for his no non-sense approach, result oriented manner of handling tasks assigned to him. The history of the University of Nairobi would be incomplete without mentioning his name. He is none other than Prof. George Magoha.

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The Nigeria, Ghana, Ireland and United Kingdom trained Urological and Transplant surgeon has been a professor at the University of Nairobi since the year 2000. His meticulous style of leadership and a steep inclination towards result propelled his rising through the ranks in university administration until he became the university’s Vice Chancellor in 2005, a position he held until 2014.

As a Vice chancellor of the University of Nairobi, he managed to attain what had evaded the radar of his predecessors. He managed to restore sanity and accountability at the department of finance as well as discipline and quality teaching of university students. Many years after his retirement as the Vice chancellor, his impact is still tangible in those who encountered him during his tenure.

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His practical approach to leadership evidenced by results saw him selected to chair the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), where he brought raft of changes that helped curb cases of exam leakage, supposed cartels in the system and dubious marking techniques by the help of the then Cabinet Secretary for education Dr. Fred Matiang’i. Later on, he was promoted to be the Cabinet Secretary for education, a position he currently holds. He is one of the two people with a background in the  medical field to have been cabinet secretaries in the last ten years. The other one is prof. Kaimenyi.

Professor, we celebrate you today. You have done great in setting the pace. Your life is an encouragement to future surgeons that their skills and knowledge are not only limited for use within the walls of a theatre room. You have exemplified that it is possible for medical professionals to deliver in powerful administrative positions.

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